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Village home stay experience

To really understand a country and its people you must visit its countryside and immerse yourself in village life. For any visitor to Vietnam spending some time with a local family in a village is a must. With village often spectacularly located among terraced rice fields, on the side of cliffs, in nature reserves or surrounded by lush rice fields, visiting a local village can be the highlight of a trip, and all the more re warding if you stay in a home stay overnight. Booking a home- stay is best done through a tour operator or a tourist information centre.


Living with a local family provides a peek into the daily lives of Vietnam’s hard working rural people their charming traditions, and their simple yet honest way of life. With most still subsiding off the land home-stay facilities are by virtue basic although most now afford a western -style bathroom with shower and flushing toilet. Most activities occur within the one room which is used for meals, for socializing during the day, and as a bedroom at night whereupon mattresses are arranged under mosquito net.



Home- stay in Vietnam are invariably located in traditional villages in the countryside. Here nature reigns supreme; the air is fresh, water cool and clear, forest pristine, and farmland lush and green. In the North, home-stay may be in set within verdant rice fields or beside beautiful meandering rivers. Whilst in the South home-stay are common in fishing villages within the Mekong Delta.



With the majority of home-stay in Vietnam operated by ethnic minority people, visitors are able to gain an insight into their unique and colorful cultures and traditions. Ethnic minority communities that commonly provide homestay include the Dzao, Tay and Thai in the North; the Ba Na, Gia Rai, E De, Co Ho, Mạ, Xơ Đăng, Mơ Nông, Ê Đê, Chăm và Gia Rai in Central and South Viet Nam. Each ethnic minority group há ít ơn customs and traditions which are reflected in their dress, food, religion and even architecture. Visitors should try to plan their home stay trip to include traditional local market day and when most villages come to life.



Exploring forest trails to lookouts, waterfalls or popular river swimming spots, of talking a village tour are popular activities. Joining the villagers at the traditional market is a great way to get to know a place and its people. Simple activities can also be rewarding such as learning to make a handicraft, helping your host family prepare the evening meal, or trying your hand at ploughing a field with a buffalo. Not only are they great ways to have a little fun, you will be learn something new and lens your host family a hand. Of course sitting down with the family over a meal and some fiery rice wine is also a highlight and a great activity in itself!