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Tour destinations

Northern Laos

Northern Laos is ever green mountainous region. You can find all of typical experience of Laos in Northern.

You can cruise on Mekong River, trekking, cycling in national parks and climb to mountaintop, explore ethnic villages and homestay, discover hidden caves and waterfalls, and uncover Laos’ ancient past.


Here the Land of a Million Elephants morphs into the land of a million hellish bends and travel is not for the faint-hearted, as roads twist and turn through towering mountain ranges and serpentine river valleys.


Closer to Vietnam, Laos presents the heart of the Lao revolution in Houaphanh and ancient sites that survived the bombs in Xieng Khouang. Behold the Final Frontier in Northern Laos.



Luang Prabang

Located at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, Luang Prabang is teeming with colonial romance and mystical temples.


This UNESCO World Heritage gem is imbued with the energy of old Indochina with numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries, with monks walking through the city collecting alms in the morning. Wander the banks of the Mekong, while away an afternoon on sleepy city streets, or tour the historical sites of the ancient Lan Xang Kingdom. Luang Prabang is the perfect place to begin or end a magical Mekong Kingdoms voyage.


Houay Xai

Capital of Bokeo province and the northern gateway to Laos,  Huay Xai is the most popular entry point to Laos from northern Thailand.


The border crossing is officially known as the Chiang Khong/Huay Xai crossing and the two towns face each other across the Mekong's waters, with travellers crossing between the two countries by boat. Many people choose to stay overnight in Chiang Khong or Chiang Rai on the Thai side, but Huay Xai is a good enough spot for a night. It's also a good place to ease yourself into Laos, particularly if Pakbeng is to be your next stop.



Oudomxay or Oudomxai, also known as Muang Xay is the capital of the larger Oudomxay Province.

This town is also close to the scenic Nam Ko River Basin and is known for its gorgeous mountain ranges. This is the largest city in the northern part of Laos and many people come here to access other parts of the country. It’s also nice place to spend a few days here to explore numberous  of famous caves, that’s good for photo hunting.


Luang Namtha

Located along the riverbanks of the Nam Tha, one of the dozen tributaries on the Mekong River, the town is break up the longboat journey between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang.


The little town is split into old and new; the former having been bombed during the 1970s war makes for an interesting discovery. There isn’t a whole lot to see in Luang Namtha itself, but it’s home to the Luang Namtha Museum – an anthropological museum, where you can learn more about these fascinating local tribes.


Being famous for the land the natural beauty of waterfall and jungle, diverse cultures of hill-tribe villages, and the unique Nam Ha – National Biodiversity Conservation, you can experience nature on the top of the world in Luang Namtha, you can trek, cycle, boat, kayak, or motorbike in pristine forests to meet people in villages where time stands still and homestay.



Bordered by Yunnan, China and Dien Bien, Vietnam, Phongsali is the northernmost province in Laos. Unforgiving mountainous, sparsely populated, remote and mysterious, it doesn’t get much further than this.


Resting on a ridge in the shadow of Phou Fa (“Sky Mountain”), the small provincial capital and former French colonial outpost is the jumping-off point for treks in the province, which was once part of the Ancient Tea Horse Road (also known as the Southern Silk Road).


Since the 7th Century until as late as the mid-20th Century, tea was exchanged for precious metals, salt and horses on this caravan trade route that spanned southwest China and Tibet.

Locating far in the northern Laos, Phongsaly is completely out of the tourist route, yet it is becoming more and more popular among backpackers who are looking a real colorful heaven.


Nam Ngum Lake

It is about 20 kilometers south of Vang Vieng, the vast Ang Nam Ngum Reservoir sits above the northern edge of the Vientiane Plain, where the rice-growing flat lands surrounding the capital meet the mountainous terrain of the north.

Created when the Nam Ngum River was dammed in 1971, the deep green waters of the reservoir are dotted with scores of forest-clad islands stretching to a dramatic horizon lined with mountains, their peaks lost in mist. Nam Ngum Lake serves as the peaceful stopover  from Vientiane traveling up north to Luang Prabang or vice versa.


Boarding a boat for more than 1hour relaxing cruise to enjoy the views, swimming and check out some of the local crafts made by prisoners (there's a men's and women's prisons out there also), it’s worth and beautiful experience.


Nong Khiaw & Muang Ngoi Neua

Nong Khiawis also known as Nong Kiau and is a pretty spot in Laos that is rapidly gaining a name for itself as one of the best places to visit in the country if you want to get away from it all.

Here you will find some amazing trekking and hiking opportunities and you can spend time biking around the scenic villages here that surround the main town.


Nong Khiaw also sits on the delightful Nam Ou River so you can take a boat trip here that you will let you take in all the scenery from the vantage point of the water.


This part of the country is also surrounded by gorgeous karst formations and the limestone caves here such as the Pha Tok Caves are a great location for anyone who enjoys spelunking.


Nearby, Muang Ngoi Neuaused to be relatively sleepy and under visited, although nowadays it has become known for being a stop off on the legendary Banana Pancake Trail which wraps around several countries in Southeast Asia.

The village is popular with caves (Tham Kang cave), waterfalls and some spectacular pointview offering opportunities for trekking, cycling and especially sunbathe on Nam Ou Beach and cruise on river.


Muang Khua

The northern town of Muang Khua (Muang Khoua) sits at the crossroads of two major “roads”, Highway 2E linking Udomxai to the Vietnamese border, and the Nam Ou river, a waterway-highway through three provinces.

The town was once a beautiful, peaceful spot and the necessary layover was a welcome pause—some relaxing downtime by the river was a good argument for lingering.


A picturesque wooden suspension bridge spans the Nam Phak, in dry season a lazy waterway lined with palms and vegetable gardens.


The province is rich with ethnic diversity, only a trickle of travellers use Muang Khua as their portal to trekking, the area is remote and villages remain hardscrabble and hard to reach. One thing’s for sure: You are off beaten track.



Luang Prabang’s must-see attraction is also its most crowded; but why go chasing waterfalls when we can get you there at the right time and in style?


Alms Giving

This is symbol activity in Luang Prabang. An early start is recommended to participate in the alms offering as monks invite everyone to join in. A longstanding tradition in Laos Buddhist culture, it takes place daily as the sun rises, beginning on the main street of Luang Prabang before spreading throughout the quieter back streets.


Exclusive Private Sandbank Dinner

Enjoy special, exclusive dinner set on the magical island of Mekong Occasionally. You will experience the rich cultures, unique heritage of Luang Prabang and most wonderful 360 of sunset view while enjoy watermouth dinner that’s prepared by your private chef.


Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

The garden conveniently located on way cruise to visit Kaung Si Falls. It is a regional research centre creating the first living collection of the fiora of Laos with a strong focus onethnobotany, research and education. Visit the garden in morning, enjoy lunch there then afternoon continue cruise to  Kaung Si Falls.


Night Market

The night market is vibrant and friendly open-air market at the heart of Luang Prabang. Hundreds of stalls selling souvenirs, the most extensive collection of handicrafts and street food, at a friendly and safe atmosphere.


If you are looking for typical products, this is the right place to go - textiles, ceramics, antiques, teas, ornaments/cutlery made from recycled bombs and so on


Garavek Show

Discover the folktales, myths and legends of Luang Prabang in an intimate theatre. Listen to songs and stories told by a local elder to the melodic plucking of a Laotian lyre.


Kuang Si Waterfalls Tour

Board a private cruise on the Nomad or a social sail on the Monsoon as you float downstream to the village of Ban Muang Khai, where our driver will be waiting to take you the 5 kilometres to Kuang Si Waterfalls. Once there, enjoy a day of swimming in crystal-clear rock pools and soaking under rushing cascades as we set up your picnic lunch.


Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre

Housed in a restored heritage building, the non-profit, small museum showcases the diverse lifestyles of the 30 ethnic groups found in Laos – through their textiles, traditional costumes, religious artefacts and handicrafts. The exhibits provide a thorough and intimate view into the traditions and culture of the Lao people. Displays were thoughtfully arranged and interactive.


Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre

Set in lush gardens by the Mekong River, Ock Pop Tok weaves the history and heritage of Laos through its textiles.

Watch local artisans at work as they spin silk and make batik; try your hand on traditional looms and instruments; and stock up on authentic hand-woven souvenirs. You can also come here in afternoon to chill at comfortable chairs, great view, and delicious & creative food and drinks at the restaurant from water.


Organic Gardening

Join local people to learn how to grow fresh, organic veggies and select some ingridient for cooking class. Get your hands dirty, discover your green fingers and try your hand at traditional Laotian cooking.


Pak Ou

Choose between a ride for two on the Nomad or group fun on the Monsoon as you cruise the scenic route to some of Luang Prabang’s most holy sites, the highlight being Pak Ou Caves. Wander through the dramatic limestone cliff whose caverns are filled with thousands of Buddha icons. Return to the boat at your leisure, where light refreshments await on board.


Mount Phousi

A 150m tall hill in the centre of the old town in Luang Prabang is ordered on one side by the Mekong River andon the other side by the Nam Khan River. It remains a popular place to watch the sun rise and sun-set over the Mekong River.


However, it is busy at sunset, we recommend you come there in morning for great view without being crowded. A outdoor breakfast in freash morning at the hill can be good idea!


Elephant Camps

Elephant is the nation’s symbolic animal, experience Luang Prabang Elephant Camp - also serving as sanctuaries and veterinary centres for this endangered animal is something you may should not missed.


Coming there, you will have chance to feed, bathe and riding them. If you’re a nature lover, join the full-day Elephant Experience by starting from Elephant Village, trek 4 km to the “Old Camp”, and on through teak forests and primary jungle to the “Jungle Camp” before follow a short nature trail delivers to Tad Sae Waterfall for a swim then boat ride back to Elephant Village.


Trekking & Cycling

Luang Prabang and north of Laos is perfect for trekking. Pass through beautiful forests, scenic waterfalls and experience a homestay in amazingethnic villages to gain a true insight into the rural life of the local people.


River Cruises

Embark a cruise and experience Luang Prabang’s landscape with a river perspective. Take charter sunset cruise then enjoy canapé, sipping delicious wine while admire spectacular scenery from jungle rivers to waterfalls. Visit riverside villages and experience life on the water. Cruising is adds a new angle for your holiday in Luang Prabang. 

Mekong river cruise is availability for full day tour cruise to couple hours sunset cruise.



You can cut through jungle-covered mountains, ride over easy rapids, and reach fishing villages, where you can experience the slow-paced life on the river. There are wide-range of kayaking activities, from an easy afternoon paddles to multi-day excursions with homestays, cycling, and trekking.


Jump on the gentle Nam Khan Experience for a relaxing 1-day river trip. Start with a short run over beginner’s rapids to the tomb of 19th-century French explorer, Henri Mahout. Continue paddling to Ban Hat Hian (Blacksmith Village) to watch locals forge steel farming tools and knives the old fashion way.